FAQs about our WhatsApp API. How many messages can be sent, whether it is possible to do mass mailing and how much it costs

How to contact technical support

If you still have problems, please let us know, by sending an email to tech@api4bot.com. Thank you!

Pay attention

Please mention your instance number to your message if you already have one

Limits and restrictions

We urge our clients not to send unsolicited messages. However, you are not technically limited and can do it. But remember, your account will be banned by the WhatsApp anti-spam system if users click the "in spam" button several times.

Use multiple accounts. Multiple numbers of WhatsApp allow you to send more messages per day. If you use more than 5 accounts, we provide a discount.

Prices and discounts

1 account WhatsApp (1 account = 1 WhatsApp number). When using more than 5 accounts, a special price applies. To find out, write to us.

  • 1 account = 1 WhatsApp number
  • 1- 5 accounts $38.99 /per account
  • 6-20 accounts $33.99 /per account
  • 20-50 accounts $28.99 /per account
  • 50-100 accounts $18.99 /per account
  • 100-500 accounts $15 /per account
  • 500+ accounts $9 /per account


Yes, you can. Important! Use the /sendFile method instead of the message (sendMessage) method in the link to the token. Send only https links (do not send http). The maximum file size is 1 mb. It is better to send large files with a link, not base64.

1) Create a group using the POST /group method. 2) Get chatid through the GET /messages method. 3) Send a message to the group via POST /sendMessage method.

Yes. See the section "ack" in the documentation

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